The13thMile Blog and Twitter Start!

The thought of running a half marathon is terrifying to me. I know it shouldn’t be – it’s not like it’s a full marathon – but 13 miles seems like an impossible feat.

I love running 5K’s because they were all I could handle to this point – 30 minutes of light running and it’s over. Anything after this proves to be both a physical and mental challenge. I am not a strong runner. I force myself to plod through as a form of weight loss, but it is a struggle for me. Every year I run a five mile race that leaves my body depleted as I collapse over the finish line. Normally, my body is too sore for a week afterwards to even walk, let alone run again.

A few months ago, I made it my goal to work up to 30 minutes of non-stop running on the treadmill, three days a week. This was a stretch for me – although I’ve always done run/walks of farther than this, rarely did I run non-stop for 30 minutes. It was really hard. I would allow myself a one-minute walking break at 10-minute intervals and spend the rest of the time wanting more than anything to stop. Gradually, it became easier.

Once the weather turned warmer, I started going on extremely long walk/runs, which are my specialty. I can’t run non-stop, but I can run until I want to pass out, walk, then run until I want to pass out again. Interval training is what the fitness magazines call it. Out-of-shape is what I call it!

The goals of this blog and my Twitter handle are mostly to have fun and track my journey. This is mostly about my own personal mission, but it is also about:

  • Run the ING Philadelphia half marathon on September 19, 2010
  • Lose weight in a healthy, long-term way
  • Raise money for charity through the run
  • Share what I learn with others

I know this won’t be easy for me, and I will probably want to quit. Hopefully I will be able to stay with it and share a few things that I learn along the way!

Follow my journey on Twitter: @The13thMile

104 days until the big race!


About the13thmile

I am proud to now say I am a half-marathon runner! Three half-marathons qualify for that status, I think. I blog about about running, nutrition and sometimes some other stuff. I share my research, tips and experiences with you, and am inspired by the supportive running community! I enjoy connecting with other runners, and hearing about other people's running experiences. Feel free to reach out if you have ran marathons or half marathons in the past!
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2 Responses to The13thMile Blog and Twitter Start!

  1. Hey neighbor

    Great idea to blog your way through – really keeps you thinking about why you’re working so hard.

    Another Jersey runner

    • the13thmile says:

      Thanks Mike! Appreciate your encouragement. Blogging about it is making it more fun, and definitely making me more excited to run! Plus, I can’t back out now that I’ve made a big scene about the whole thing. I will be following your blog as well!

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