Runnin’ in the rain…just runnin’ in the rain…

Let the stormy clouds chase everyone from the place…come on with the rain, I’ve a smile on my face!

What a feeling!  For years, I’ve used the rain as an excuse NOT to run – can’t get wet while sweating and working out, that would just be gross, right? After my Sunday rain run, I have changed my tune!

With the rain lightly splashing the sidewalk, I cut through it, feeling relaxed. It was like running while in the shower; cooling and cleansing instead of sticky and dirty. As I ran, I kept pace, splashing through puddles at points and feeling like I was flying. Instead of being weighed down, I felt like I could go even farther. It was shocking how something I’ve avoided for years was actually…fun.

My running path, a usually overcrowded path along the Hudson River, was vacant, allowing me to lose myself in the experience. An hour went by without me realizing it, and as I stared into the gray sky, which matched gray midtown Manhattan, I felt completely rejuvenated.

Rain running!

I had no idea how relaxing and gratifying it could be! I recommend trying it just once, to see if it changes how far you can run, or how comfortable you feel. You might find something new that motivates your training program! Advanced runners will run no matter what the weather, but for fellow beginners – give this a try!

Protect your iPod in the rain!

A few tips for rain runs:

  1. You don’t have to leave your iPod at home. A sandwich bag keeps it dry while still allowing you to control song changes.
  2. Wear as little clothing as possible.  A moisture-wicking material tank top and shorts is ideal. Cotton T-shirts turn heavy when they are soaked and make you feel incredibly uncomfortable.
  3. This sounds obvious, but don’t run on a sidewalk too close to a road – cars whip by, splashing puddles onto you. It’s one thing to get wet from the rain; it’s something else for dirty street water to hit you.
  4. Smile and soak in the feeling of having the pavement to yourself!

And finally, I leave you with the inspiration of Gene Kelly:

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About the13thmile

I am proud to now say I am a half-marathon runner! Three half-marathons qualify for that status, I think. I blog about about running, nutrition and sometimes some other stuff. I share my research, tips and experiences with you, and am inspired by the supportive running community! I enjoy connecting with other runners, and hearing about other people's running experiences. Feel free to reach out if you have ran marathons or half marathons in the past!
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2 Responses to Runnin’ in the rain…just runnin’ in the rain…

  1. SCL says:

    Ha – I also run with my iPhone in a ziploc bag. It works great! Rain is definitely not a reason to cancel a workout…

  2. Diego L. Senin says:

    It is great!!!, for me run in the rain it is one of the most relaxing workouts!!!
    I live in one of the most rainy cities in Spain and in the competitions a lot of people ask me about the rain and how i train with so much rain???!!!
    It is just great!!

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