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Happy Turkey Trot Day!

Happy Turkey Trot Day! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Today is a day of turkey, family and 5K Turkey Trots! I skipped the 5K run to instead catch a glimpse of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Quite crowded, but a unique … Continue reading

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Why do we do this? A Half-Marathon Race Day Thought

Why do we do this? It is a question that provokes a different answer depending on which part of the running cycle it is being asked, at least for me. Long distance races require so much preparation, sacrifice and training. … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m not cut out for this marathon stuff…or does it take practice?

  5:40am: My eyes flew open. I realized I still had five minutes to sleep and refused to move until my alarm actually went off. 5:45am: The alarm sounded. Still dark, I dressed wondering why the heck I was awake. … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Marathon: One Story of Over 20,000

Congratulations to all of the runners who participated in today’s marathon and half-marathon. With over 20,000 fellow runners on a cold, autumn morning, it was exciting to be a part of something so immensely impressive. This was my third half-marathon … Continue reading

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Walking the Day After A Marathon

As I’ve been reading some of the NYC Marathon news the past few days, I came across the below YouTube video. Congrats to everyone who ran the full marathon! I’ve only run a half marathon, but after my first one, I … Continue reading

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Framed by Fall: The New York City Skyline

The beauty of running outdoors year-round, is watching the seasons morph your familiar paths into seasonally altered versions of themselves. The sun is heavier in the fall sky and illuminates certain landmarks while dripping others in shade. I am only … Continue reading

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Ten Ways I Entertain Myself During Long Runs

  I know; I’m not intense enough. I’m not a warrior who can run for three hours with no music and no distractions. Many of you will tell me to leave the gadgets at home. But I’m addicted to my … Continue reading

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