RunKeeper – Tracks time, distance, elevation and more

I’ve been using RunKeeper to track of my training the past few months and I absolutely love it. It tracks time, elevation and pace all while graphing it out and providing mile splits.

If you’ve ever wondered why you speed up during one mile and slow down during the next, this app provides the picture answer as to why.

Because I have an iPhone, I downloaded the RunKeeper app, but if your phone isn’t compatable with any of the RunKeeper apps, you can manually enter your running route at:

If you can download the app, it is incredibly easy to use. I simply press the “Start Activity” button on the RunKeeper App, and it uses GPS to track exactly where I run. During a race, during training, or just to track distance, this gadget is a useful way to track, record and compare performances.

This data, over time, can help those training for marathons track their weak spots, and target which areas of the run to concentrate on during practice. From my race, I see that I start and end strong, but lag in the middle. This isn’t news to me, as I normally try to conserve energy during the middle of the race, but to see the numbers, provides a goal to improve those times.

Below are my splits and the map from my half-marathon in Philadelphia in November:

RunKeeper displays route, elevation, pace and milage

As a final note, RunKeeper is offering free downloading of RunKeeper PRO during the month of January. More information here.

*For the record, I have no relationship with RunKeeper at all – it’s just an awesome running app that I love using, so I thought I would share it with you!


About the13thmile

I am proud to now say I am a half-marathon runner! Three half-marathons qualify for that status, I think. I blog about about running, nutrition and sometimes some other stuff. I share my research, tips and experiences with you, and am inspired by the supportive running community! I enjoy connecting with other runners, and hearing about other people's running experiences. Feel free to reach out if you have ran marathons or half marathons in the past!
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6 Responses to RunKeeper – Tracks time, distance, elevation and more

  1. Christina says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Downloading it right now! I was using the lite version more or less but am excited to go Pro! The only problem is, I don’t think the GPS tracking will be good in Manhattan, specifically the routes I run. We’ll see though!

  2. Glad you like it! We are working hard to make it even
    better. -Mike Cofounder RunKeeper

  3. Pepijn says:

    Runkeeper is great, I’m using it for two years and it keeps
    me running!

  4. Joanne says:

    I have a couple of running apps on my iphone and neither one is reliable. I’ll check out the runkeeper. It looks interesting. But I’ll never give up my Garmin. I’m so attached to that thing! My dog and my Garmin – two things I won’t train without. 🙂

  5. gbrumley says:

    Found your website through a Google search. I’ve logged many miles on RunKeeper myself. Congrats on reaching your running goals. I’m blogging about my next big running goal also – God Bless.

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