About The13thMile

This blog focuses on running from an amateur perspective – Before starting this blog, I had never run more than 8 miles in my life! Now I have completed three half-marathons in three months, and am striving to continue with more in the spring!

In many ways, running is an analogy for life. I find there is inspiration out on the road – inspiration to be found within yourself and within others. Running stories are incredible, and running long-distance truly changes you, as cheesy as it sounds. I find that quality alone time allows me to clear my mind and gain some introspection.

For those who say, “I can’t run that far,” that used to be me! I firmly believe that – barring certain medical conditions – anyone can build up the base to run a long-distance race. It is a wonderful form of weight-loss, a stress-reliever and an excellent way to gain mental clarity. If you think you can’t do it; I will be your cheerleader! You will find you have more energy, feel healthier and happier once you start training. Plus, everyone should experience the runner’s high!

The13thMile blog topics focus on tips and tricks that I learn, my training challenges, the training challenges of others as well as anything and everything related to running, overall fitness, cross-training, weight-loss, nutrition and diet.

Please feel free to reach out to me – I would love to interview readers, experts, nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches, marathoners, etc. If you have a story to tell, I encourage you to contact me.
Contact information: the13thmile@gmail.com


11 Responses to About The13thMile

  1. feerlessfood says:

    Cool blog! When is the Half marathon?


  2. Hey 13th, have you ever tried barefoot/minimalist running?

    • the13thmile says:

      Hey Benny – I have. Just last week I ran on the beach barefoot and will be writing a post about it. However, I only run barefoot on the beach. I see on your blog you run barefoot in Central Park…are you afraid of stepping on things? (Dumb question!) When you finished the marathons, did you train barefoot and run the races barefoot or just trained barefoot?

  3. missmjane says:

    Thank you for the blog! I’ve been running for a few years (only 1 half and 1 full marathon under my belt) and although you say you’re running from an amateur perspective – you certainly have some expert tips and insights that will benefit every runner. Spin class! I’m going to sign up for one! Good luck for September.

  4. 13th, I’v never had a problem with debris in Central Park – it’s actually quite clean. I train and run mainly in Vibram Five Fingers, though go totally barefoot once in a while.

  5. Got my first half marathon 20th March so your blog is a great source of inspiration

  6. hbur says:

    Hi, there. I am your (slightly worse than) average 5k runner who has just started training for a half marathon. I stumbled on your site and enjoyed looking through it. I also have a blog hbur.wordpress.com, and I feature another blog every Friday. I would love to feature yours on March 11. Please let me know if this is okay. Thanks for sharing your experiences with others.

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